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Server Plans for 2019 & Votes

Hello Miners,

Well 2019 is now upon us, and the server seems to have come to standstill. Im hoping to change that in the coming weeks. Ive been taking a few months break from minecraft, and it shows. Ive been working on some website dev projects that are not related to MinersPlay. However thats not what this post is about.

New Entrance to the Public Skeleton Farm at Spawn. Found under the arena.

I’m trying to reboot the server to get ready for 1.14. Now you may have noticed that there has been alack of new players or players at all. MinersPlay has fallen between the cracks. I talked to Anna about this a few days ago, she said do what you feels right. Ive thought about this for awhile now. I plan on advertising the server once again, such as putting a sponsored slot on the mc-market site. What this means is we will see an influx of players. So far this year nothing has been happening. Id like to do more events as a group.I have so many ideas, and im sure you all do too. I may add an events server down the road for custom gamemodes, UHC, or other events.


You can not vote on the server, each vote gives you 1 emerald and 50 bonus claim blocks. I may change the rewards down the road, but hey at least its start. To get started just /vote in the chat and you will see this show up the the chat:

You will need to click one of the 7 links to vote. You can gain up to 350 bonus claim blocks a day. Normally you gain 100 for every hour of playtime on the server, so this is a good boost.

If you have any ideas, let me know here. I may add more staff if the server gains more players.


Nether Tunnel Wings Contest

Hey Miners,

Now that the nether hub is finished we are looking to you to come up with designs for the nether wings. We are looking for 4 different style wings. For North, East, South, and West. Below are some building guidelines for how we want the tunnels.


  • Spawnproof: All floors must be made of regular ice and/or non-spawnable blocks such as glass, stairs or slabs. Pigmen wandering onto the ice paths are frustrating to boat around and lethal if they’re angry. We don’t want ghasts either, as they can blow up the area.
  • Well Lit: Just make sure there is enough light, if you are using lights around ice paths make sure they don’t melt any ice, but are bright enough to see where you’re going.
  • Ice Paths: People like having ice paths for quick travel, can use any type of ice such as blue or packed ice.
  • Segmented: To allow players to have their own tunnel without sharing walls with adjacent tunnels, please construct designated segments that are 7 blocks wide with one block pillars in-between.

This is an example of a tunnel I designed, the outside of the tunnel wings will be using cobblestone or similar ghast proof blocks. This is to protect the tunnels being built.

How to Enter

  • Read the guidelines
  • Construct your Nether Tunnel in singleplayer
  • Save your your Singleplayer world in a zip file and send to Trevady on discord by Wednesday, October 17, 2018.
  • You may enter multiple tunnels if desired!

Once we have received your submissions, you will all be able to vote on your favorite tunnel. The top 4 tunnels will be used on the server.

Minersplay 1.13 Update & World Vote

Hi Miners,

The launch of 1.13 is coming this Friday. With an all new map and move of builds. It’s taken a bit longer than we thought especially with all of the logistics involved with this. We have 2 different custom 16k x 16k worlds that have been made especially for us, that includes all the biomes.

We plan on adding your custom villages, dungeons, ect into the world. Because of this the server will be put in whitelist mode this next week while we move builds and get ready for the launch. Now this is the part that you guys get to vote on.

Because we have 2 worlds, we need your vote on which world we will use as our season 2 world. I’m only going to show the overview of each map.

Map One:

  • Has most of the biomes
  • Lots of valleys
  • Ocean level is at y:30
  • Super tall mountains
  • Realistic trees
  • Comes with villages and stronghold
  • Map Two:
    • Has all of the biomes
      Lots of vast land
      Ocean level is y:63
      Average mountains
      Spawn has a giant cavern inside
      Not much in terms of super tall mountains

    Each picture tells a different picture in what to expect. You can Vote Here Strawpoll .

    Now if you would like your build transferred log onto the server today and build a giant dirt 1×1 tower at your build. This will let me know and the other mods that we can transfer your builds. We will try to stick them in similar biomes and landscapes. If you have an idea on an area to build at let any one of the mods know.

    As of tomorrow the server will be in full whitelist mod till the relaunch.