Spawn Arena & Hall of Banners

Morning Miners,

Well its been a long few weeks, but the spawn arena is finally complete. The arena features and red and blue side for teamed events, as well as balconies and towers to shoot from. The arena would be great for bow and arrow fights. I may also add a spleef option as well. The arena was originally created by FREELANCER Productions from PMC. It took me 3-4 weeks to recreate it on the server is survival, I used slightly different variations of logs and wood colors. I feel like medieval builds should use spruce and dark oak to give it that dirty feel. Below is a showcase of the same arena:

Hall of Banners

Under the North side of the arena past the creek is the Hall of Banners, here you can show off your personal banner. Just place your banner down and put your name of the sign. This area is totally optional. Ive had a few people ask why this is even a thing, I was trying to think of ways to add hidden things so when new players join they can find places like this. Its hidden for a reason.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and holiday stuff.


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