Market is NOW OPEN!

Hey Miners,

The player market is now open, the market itself has been open for about a week now. To access the market right now, there is a tunnel just off the east nether wing. There will be a path to spawn eventually.

Currently there are 6 shops out of the 50 plots that have been setup. All the plots are marked out and range in a variety of sizes. Plus the market is expandable if needed.

So just head on down and check out the market, if you haven’t already. You can setup shop as well, just need to follow the market ground rules and you are good to go.

Pictured above is the rules board, the standard currency is diamonds. But this could be changed to anything depending on the shop. You could charge in iron, or even grass blocks if needed.

Just check all the shops out because sometimes certain shops are cheaper. A shop map will be added eventually.


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