Season 3 Has Started

Hello Miners,

MinersPlay Season 3 officially started on September 10, 2018. This season so far has been successful in terms of new players and changes around the server. Some of the changes are more vanilla than in the past. This time around everything is being done from scratch. No build transfers, no prebuilt worlds such as that old nether hub from S2. Another change is there is no mining world this time. It may be added in the future if multiverse updates and works properly for 1.13.1. But for as right now we are doing fine without it. We are also using a default world with all biomes within 2k blocks of spawn. As much as everyone liked custom worlds, they had their fare share of problems. We don’t a repeat of S2.

We look forward to seeing your builds and hope we can make this the best season of MinersPlay to date. If you want your builds or bases featured in the posts just leave your screenshot in the #screenshots channel on discord.


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