Relaunch Coming Soon & 1.13 News

Hello Miners

With the announcement of 1.13 being on July 18th, we are getting ready to relaunch the server and map. Our new map for 1.13 will be 16k x 16k larger than the current map, and have all new terrain. Things will stay the same plugin wise for the most part. The server will stay being a greylist semi vanilla server, with the exception of removing Epic World Generator and moving to Bukkit. Now onto the part everyone has been asking about, moving of builds. We are doing a soft restart meaning we will be moving player builds over if they would like. This is completely optional, but this option is there for those who don’t want to lose out on their current projects. Unfortunately we will not be transferring player data, so whatever is in your enderchest and inventory will be wiped. The following will be required in order to move your build over.

  • Part of a build or the whole thing.
  • Coords of where your current build is.
  • Dimensions of the build (required)
  • What biome do you want in the new map.
  • How close to spawn?

Let any of the staff know on Discord about what you want transferred. Once your build has been transferred on the new map we will let you know of the location. One final note, we wont be necessarily be on 1.13 right away, we have you wait for either Bukkit to update or the new map. If you have any questions let us know by using the #new-map channel on Discord.

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