Relaunch and Season 2?

Hi Miners,

We wanted to let you all know about the upcoming relaunch. We plan on doing some extra things to get more players on for 1.13, such as the website redesign, changes in staff and small discord changes.

There may be some changes to the server depending on who wants a new season. We label each world as a season, which would mean a server reset. There originally wasn’t going to be a server reset for 1.13, but the idea has been thrown around. Because we use a plugin epic world generation, there may be a chance the server won’t update to 1.13 right away. It could take months depending on how fast that plugin updates. Another reason is we use spigot which breaks all the things, such as the guardian farm (we had to use spawners). Certain red stone aspects. And non spawning is way out of control, now you might ask why we don’t change to bukkit. Well EWG doesn’t work with bukkit.

So here is what we would like, there will be a poll attached to this post. We would like your input about if we should distant as season one or start a new season for 1.13.


Poll Link:

Ends June 8th, 2018


Once we get the results there will be a new post about what is happening next.


One thought on “Relaunch and Season 2?

  1. Adridne says:

    Okay, I voted no on the reset, but if we do a reset anyway, I think we should go with biome bundle instead of EWG. The biomes look really great, much more variety than EWG (or at least EWG as it is set up on the current server).

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