How to Hook Up Your Nether Portal to the Hub

Hey Miners,

This is a simple player guide for those who need help setting up their nether portals to the hub. This will help you make sure your portal doesn’t link with someone else:

You will need the following items: 20 Obsidian and a Flint and Steel.

  1. Build a nether portal at your base/build in the overworld.
  2. Don’t light the portal, instead stand inside the frame and use the following command “/ph link”
  3. Write down the coords that it gives you for the nether, and light the portal. DO NOT GO IN.
  4. Go into the nether via spawn or a different portal and head to the nether hub. (nether hub is at 0 0 and y:102)

How to choose the correct wing. We have 4 wings, North, South, East & West.

  • North causes your Z coordinate to decrease into the -0
  • South causes your Z coordinate to increase into the +0
  • East causes your X coordinate to increase into the +0
  • West causes your X coordinate to decrease into the -0

With your written down coords for the nether portal, figure out which coordinate X or Z has the bigger number. Head down the Main Tunnel in whichever direction corresponds with the larger number. Once you find the larger number you can branch off the main tunnel to the other smaller number. Hopefully this isnt too hard to figure out. If you have any problems, ask a helper or mod.

Your Nether Tunnel:

  • Your tunnel can be a max size of 5 blocks wide. This is to make sure once the wings are decorated your tunnel fits in.
  • If you want to share a tunnel with other players, or combine your tunnel with neighboring tunnels, make sure you ask staff for approval. (Shouldn’t be a problem)
  • Entrances to your tunnel should be completely ghast proof, as well as no open entrances to the nether itself. (We don’t want ghasts blowing up the tunnels)
  • Your tunnel must connect to at least one nether tunnel, this is to prevent players from reserving tunnels ahead of time.

If you have any questions let us know. Once the actual hub and wings are properly decorated this will be a bit easier to understand. To get back to the guide just type: “portals” in game and the bot will link you back.


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