Ender Farm Now Open, Updates & Helpers

Morning Miners,

Its been awhile since Ive posted an update to the website and whats been happening around the server. I haven’t been on much due to the fact I have a new job, so I dont have as much free time. Quite a few things have been happening around the server since the last update. Ill bring you all to speed. Firstly we have added a new rank to the game called “Helper.” You may have seen several helpers on the server. Helpers are not considered mods, but have direct access to me (Trev) or any of the mods/admins if there is a problem. They are also able to approve or deny apps. Currently there is no need for anymore helpers at the moment.


  • Anna_Raven
  • Devildog84
  • Lemonmeister

Anyone who is a helper will have a yellow name tag.

New Spawn Point:

Spawn has been moved to be next to the town hall. The reason for this move is because we had too many players spawning under things and getting stuck. Its not a great impression for a first time player to get stuck in a wall. As well as its been a simple facelift, and hopefully will make spawn a central point of spawn town.

End Farm:

Finally to end off this post, we now have an enderman farm. To get to the end head down the south Nether Tunnel till you come to the end section. Once you make it to the end turn left and walk through the end gateway. This will transport you to the end farm. You can now get levels fast and easy, without having to wait a super long time.

Watch out for new contests later this month including a special holiday event.


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