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MinersPlay runs on powerful hardware ensuring that there will be no interruptions in your gameplay. With DDOS protection, you can count on our server to stay up 99.9% of the time. MinersPlay was founded November 27, 2017 has been 100% funded by our community members. Members have no obligation into becoming a sponsor by donating. As a thank you we offer a few non game altering perks to acknowledge sponsors.

You will only recieve perks on our semi vanilla server. Such as rank color, dynmap hide, hats and other non game breaking items.

In Game Sponsor Perks

We are NOT a pay to win server, so you get cosmetic perks to agree with the Minecraft EULA agreement. Here are just a few perks we offer. Minimum $5 donation for 30 days. Resets on the day of the month you donated.