1.13.1 Server Changes, Season 3 & Relaunch

Hey Miners,

You may have noticed we have lost some players over the last few weeks, this has been because of the 1.13 server launch, new map, and staff issues.

Let’s start with the map. I originally said this map was made especially for the server, this isn’t true. The current overworld map is from pmc and was originally designed for minecraft version 1.8. As you may have noticed there are some major issues with the map. That map looks awesome but it’s not going to work long term.

Here are just some of the map issues:

  • Ocean Y level is at 16, so the oceans are about 5-8 blocks deep. Not deep enough for under water bases.
  • The oceans do not have any 1.13 features.
  • No Turtles or any passive mobs (any passive mob was spawned in creative)
  • No mine shafts or dungeons
  • Caves are super ugly and don’t explore very well.
  • Any structures such as mansions or ocean monuments are fake. They were placed randomly via world edit.
  • The guardian grinder at spawn is custom mob spawners.
  • The overworld hell biome is cool to look at but isn’t viable to build in, just wasted space.
  • Spawn was built in creative, except Anna’s stable.
  • The custom trees don’t despair with their leaves.
  • Slimes spawn everywhere because of the custom world height.
  • Map is not expandable long term. Stuck at 12k x 12k.
  • The nether nether hub came from another hub and was modified ever so slightly to allow for tunnels.
  • The nether hub was built in creative, looks cool but wasn’t done legit.

These are just some of the issues. Like I said above the map looks great but just doesn’t work long term.

So because of this we are resetting and this will be season 3. Season 2 was a bust especially with the transfer of builds. Lots of players wanted builds moved but were bored because they had everything. With that in mind no builds will be transferred. This is a hard reset and should have been down the first time around.

This image is just a preview of the spawn of the new world. Season 3 will be a default world, however all the biomes are with 2000 blocks of spawn. There will be no mining world moving forward. We only had the mining world because of the custom overworld.

With the server relaunch comes all new staff as well. Outlaw, Piro, Pro & Kithron have left the server for good. We now have steve, hellhien, dxgeoff and smallmelon.

I will release the S2 map and S1 map next week. As well as the new season there will be some changes on the website. The minersplay sub Reddit will be returning as well. The forums on the website just are not working.

All this will be done before next week. The new season starts on September 10th, at 8am EST.

It’s unfortunate it’s come to this but I believe this is for the better, I’d like us to do well and have 20-30 peeps on at any given time.

If you have any questions let me know in a dm on discord.


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