Thank you for being part of MinersPlay

2017 – 2019

Minersplay will be closing as of march 31, 2019

Well its that time and MinersPlay is coming to an end. Its been an amazing 2 years, meeting great people and creating a great community. We had 3 seasons of world maps. As well as a modded server. However over the last few months the server numbers have been dwindling. New players dont want to join a server that has no one on. May as well be single player. We never really recovered after the Season 2 fiasco, its unfortunate its come to this but it wasnt an easy decision to close the community.

I no longer have the time to play, run a server and run an entire community. Ive been working on other projects and just dont have the time to keep it together. Ive brought on new mods such as Johnny & Anna to help out with things. But even myself as owner have been busy with other projects and ventures. Its time to call it quits.

With all this in mind, MinersPlay will be closing on March 31, 2019. The website will stay up but will be changed every so slightly to announce this. I want to keep it up for the archives. Im hoping all the people ive grown to know over the last two years I can keep as friends. I will release the map for download soon after, as well as all of the other maps from the other Seasons. Plus the Modded World for StoneBlock 2. The downloads will be on this page as well below.

Before I end this off, if you would like to continue playing a similar server in the same sort of greylist semi-vanilla server fashion. I recommend joining 24CarrotCraft, click the image to be linked to their website and greylist application. 24CC is a 16+ Semi Vanilla Greylist server.

Click the Image to be linked to 24CC.

I used to be on there before making MinersPlay. They have a super friendly batch of players, and its active all the time. I would love to see some of you on there. I have started a little area for any former MinersPlay players, at -405 West in the nether. In fact this server is why I created MinersPlay in the first place. I wanted to make my own community.

Thank you all for being part of MinersPlay and I wish you all good luck in the future.

Special Thanks to The following People

  • OutlawHD13
  • Kithron
  • Piro15
  • Malachi
  • That_Tech_Dude
  • JohnnyPlaysMC
  • ProRules
  • dxgeoff
  • JasonJunorGray
  • Anna_Raven

Plus Everyone who has been part of MinersPlay over the years.