MinersPlay is Currently Getting an Upgrade

MinersPlay is Relaunching in time for 1.13, until then we have a temporary page up.

For More Info Visit Our Discord.

MinersPlay is a semi vanilla 16+ multiplayer server, set on hard. Unlike most multiplayer servers, we offer special custom world generation in both the overworld and nether. MinersPlay is a fun and clean community for everyone to enjoy. We are a semi vanilla server, meaning that we offer a few plugins to make the experience more enjoyable such as custom biomes, claimed chunks, and anti-griefing measures.


(We are a greylist server, meaning to interact with the server you will need to /apply in game.)

By Sponsoring us you get the sponsor rank in game as well as some small perks. Sponsoring us is completely optional.

Click the Folder Icon to see the world map.