Minersplay opened November 27, 2017! We are a semi-vanilla SMP server, with a few plugins to make the vanilla experience better. Call with vanilla with sprinkles. We are a 16+ group of laid back people looking to make a fun, stress free environment with players. We are a close community, we would rather has quality players over lots of crap players.

MinersPlay is a play on words, Minercrafters Play. The name was originally going to be part of a minecraft charity group, helping out childs play. That is a goal we would love to do down the road.

We are a greylist server, unlike whitelist you can server you can get on walk around and check us out. Although to interact with the server you will need to /apply in game to get started with the greylist process.

MinersPlay Mission Statement

Minersplay is actively seeking out new quality players to join our community. We strive to make the server clean fun, that’s laid back and stress free. Whether coming home form work or school we want MinersPlay to be your go to place when you want to enjoy yourself and unwind. We hope to find players who appreciate hardwork and want to participate in its community.

Spawn Town

Spawn was inspired by fantasy / medieval builds. We want spawn to have a small town feeling but have everything there. Parts of spawn have been inspired by Skyrim as seen in the black market area. We want to give players that fantasy feeling, and we all know first impressions are everything. We strive to have a great looking spawn that’s easy to navigate. Everything is built 100% in survival, and is an on going project.